Repairs Cold Storages

Cold storages are an important part of modern day restaurants, hotels, office mess and fast food chains etc. Al Wasl general maintenance provides premium cold storage repair services for most of these industries. There are many sorts of repair and maintenance services which we provide. We take repair operations seriously to cater to all your domestic and commercial needs. Al Wasl general maintenance assures the best cold storage repair services in Dubai.

Design of Cold storages:

With time we see a rise in cold storages. There are many cold storage companies in Dubai. At all the restaurants and hotels quantity of food items is huge and it is very difficult to handle such magnitude of articles in refrigerators, therefore, the cold storages installation is the preferred and the best method to keep the food items fresh. Most of the cold storages are custom designed keeping in view the available space, quantity of goods and nature of food items.

With the increased usage of cold storage, there is equivalent need of top-notch cold storage repair and maintenance services. Al Wasl general maintenance takes pride in fulfilling all such needs with a great level of satisfaction. We have well-trained technicians who are capable of repairing all kinds of hardware installed in cold storage. We are one of the best companies for cold storage repair in Dubai.

How we work:

First of all, we communicate with the on ground operators to learn the nature of the fault. There may be multiple reasons causing failure in cooling operation. We work by checking the main components of cold storage including compressors, pumps, cooling gas etc. whatever has lower levels is repaired or replaced immediately. A good cold storage cannot operate without having better spare parts.

We try to keep the costs of repairs as low as possible, but we do not compromise on the quality of repairs. Where there is a need, we do suggest to the owners about which components need replacement, and after the consent, we replace the faulty components with new spares. This ensures longer operations. New spare parts offer more life after maintenance to the system.

Time management:

We know that keeping cold storages under repairs for long may make the owner loose his food items kept in storage. Therefore we work with a less time-consuming approach towards our tasks. In the case of cold storages, we cannot take risks as a huge quantity of food items are involved which may get rotten if the cold storage is not restored in time. Therefore we utilize more manpower than that used for ordinary repairs. We also utilize high-tech equipment specially designed to repair cold storages. We replace the components to restart the system quickly. All the operation is driven with the consent of our clients.

At Al Wasl general maintenance you will find highly skilled manpower that is ready to work day and nights for the timely completion of the project. Our manpower is our key resource on whom we boast of providing best quality services to our clients. No matter what the size of your cold storage is, you can totally rely on Al Wasl general maintenance for all sorts of cold storage repairs and maintenance services required for your cold storage.

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